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Kinedyne 1K 6in Strap With 2in D-Ring For E-Track

Kinedyne 1K 6in Strap With 2in D-Ring For E-Track

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Looking for more versatility with your tie down job? You'll want to try Kinedyne's Series E or A 6-inch Rope Tie-Off. Engineered to match the strength of the webbing with the durability of the hardware, their Rope Tie-Off is a handy addition to have when your tie down straps lack the right end fittings for a Series E or A Track.

Equipped with Kinedyne heat-treated carbon steel FE8306-1 Spring Loaded Series E or A Fitting, their Tie-Off can easily attach to the Track with a firm grip. After it's engaged with the Track, the Kinedyne 1027 D-Ring becomes a solid and strong anchor point that you can use with your tie down strap's end fitting. The Kinedyne grey 4900G polyester webbing keeps a strong and flexible connection between the Track and the D-Ring as you use them to reliably secure your load.

All of Kinedyne's Rope Tie-Offs are tagged to comply with North American Cargo Securement standards.

• Series Type: Series E or A
• Working Load Limit: 1,000 Lbs. / 455 Kgs.
• Width: 2 Inches
• Length: 6 Inches
• Weight: 0.4 Lbs. / 0.2 Kgs.
• Webbing: Kinedyne Grey 4900G Webbing
• Logistic Hardware End Fitting: Kinedyne FE8306-1 Spring Loaded Series E or A Fitting
• D-Ring End Fitting: Kinedyne 1027 D-Ring
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