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Kinedyne 4 Pack 1in x 12ft Ratchet Straps

Kinedyne 4 Pack 1in x 12ft Ratchet Straps

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Kinedyne's Econopack is designed to give you four 1-inch x 12-foot S Hook Ratchet Utility Straps in a single convenient package. Their Utility Straps are designed with a working load limit of 500 Lbs. / 230 Kgs. each, making them ideal for securing loads such as boxes, bicycles, toolboxes, or anything that you don't want moving and rolling around in the back of your truck or trailer.

Each of Kinedyne's Ratchet Utility Straps are engineered for strength and durability. The corrosion resistant heat-treated carbon steel Ratchet is designed to help you achieve maximum tensioning for maximum control over your tie down job. They've built their Ratchet with quality in mind to ensure a lasting product.

To make your tie down job even more secure, they've equipped their Utility Straps with a pair of heat-treated carbon steel S Hooks that have been manufactured with versatility and strength. These hooks are very simple to use and will slip into nearly any type of anchor point. They are also vinyl coated in order to protect the hooks, your cargo and vehicle from damage.

• Working Load Limit: 500 Lbs. / 230 Kgs.
• Width: 1 Inch
• Length: 12 Feet
• Weight: 4.77 Lbs. / 2.16 Kgs.
• Type of Tension Device: Ratchet
• Type of End Fitting: Vinyl Coated S Hook
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