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Kinedyne Aluminum Cargo Bar

Kinedyne Aluminum Cargo Bar

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Looking for a more lightweight option when it comes to securing a hold over your cargo without using Logistic Tracks in the back of your trailer? You've come to the right place. We're offering Kinedyne’s strong yet lightweight Aluminum Saf-T-Lok Bar that can adjust from 90 inches to 105 inches to accommodate most standard trailers.

Built for durability from high strength aluminum to protect the Bar from rust and corrosion, the Saf-T-Lok Bar is designed for economy and ease of operation. The trigger and handle are very simple to use and offer quick and easy adjustments to be made to the length of the Bar. The Saf-T-Lok Bar is equipped with pivoting rubber feet that offer a non-slip/non-scuff hold on your trailer's walls to help keep your cargo firmly in place, even when traveling over bumpy roads.

After the Saf-T-Lok Bar is easily attached to the trailer wall, it can be used to hold tough cargo in place to prevent everything from shifting around. In addition, it can help you finally organize that messy trailer so that finding certain items isn't as much of a hassle. Just secure everything to the walls and then use our Saf-T-Lok Bar to act as a divider to separate everything into sections, making loading and unloading much quicker and easier.

• Type of Bar End Fitting: Kinedyne 10052 (Large Tube) and 10053 (Small Tube) Non-Slip/Non-Scuff Pivoting Rubber Feet
• Shape of Bar: Round
• Tube Width: 1.5 Inches
• Tube Height: 1.5 Inches
• Minimum Length: 90 Inches
• Maximum Length: 105 Inches
• Weight: 8.5 Lbs. / 3.9 Kgs.
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